Chefs volunteer for nutrition education at underserved schools

This isn’t a new phenomenon but it’s been gaining momentum recently.

Chefs have a very important role to play in their communities to revive the food knowledge and culture that has been lost to TV dinners and sliced bread. And like all grassroots movements aspiring for a cultural shift, change begins with children and families — at schools. 

Michelle Obama has put her weight behind this campaign to reduce childhood obesity, and for the first time in a couple decades the numbers have moved in the right direction. Chef volunteerism is only a component of the whole campaign, having said that, it’s an integral one. Success stories abound. Stay inspired and Let’s Move

A little meat on the bone increases life expectancy? Apparently so -- and it's old news.

Marion Nestle responds to a recent op-ed on the NYT about mid-range BMI having a positive correlation with life expectancy.

Well — the question is still up for debate as Harvard School of Public Health strongly dissents from this established point of view. Along with Marion, they argue it’s more complicated. 

I’ll continue watching the debate.